Benefits of quitting marijuana

There are plenty of reasons to quit marijuana, and you probably have your own personal reasons for wanting to quit. Apart from your own personal life reasons here are some of the benefits you will get when you quit marijuana for good. Some of these will be immediate benefits and some of them will be more long term benefits which may take some time to notice, but all of them are real valid reasons to quit marijuana.

  • Mental fog will lift giving your clearer life vision and ability to think
  • Mental dexterity will increase
  • Being able to breath deeply and freely, no more coughing up tar
  • Improved oxygen intake which will result in more energy
  • Increased short term memory
  • Higher emotional intelligence stress coping abilities
  • More free time…. no more chasing weed
  • Increase in confidence
  • Increase in quality of life in general
  • Increased creative abilities
  • Enjoy simple pleasures in life and appreciate things more with a clear mind
  • Food will actually taste better because taste bus come back to life
  • Wake up and sleep more easily, wake up with vitality and energy
  • No more legal issues and risk of being arrested
  • Better relationships with friends, family, your partner and even strangers
  • More money
  • No more paranoia , analyzing and stressing.
  • Better skin, less skin ageing
  • No more scary chest pains
  • Become more reliable
  • Better sex drive
  • Lost memories can return
  • Improves senses… hearing, smell and taste
  • No more need to lie and make excuse to excuse social obligations
  • Massive ability to recall dreams

These are just a few of the benefits! In general your quality of life will increase immensely because of what I call the three P’s of life.. pleasure, passion and purpose. On that note, good luck with quitting marijuana, you dont need it because I KNOW you CAN QUIT.

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