So you want to start quitting marijuana?

Are you sick of wasting your life in a cloud of marijuana smoke? Do you want to kick your pot habit? Quitting marijuana may well be one of the best decisions you ever make. Right now if you are still smoking pot every day you probably don't even realize just how much it has changed you and how much your quality of life has gone downhill. I put up this website to help you with quitting marijuana and I know you a re going to appreciate the info y9o0u will find here and surely will make it easier for you to quit smoking weed for good. If you started smoking marijuana many years ago you might find it helpful to think back, where your mind was at back then, the chances are you’ve changed a lot since then and moved on but you just took your smoking marijuana habit with you. If this is the case you should tell yourself how you are different now and how you are stronger. How to stop smoking pot is much easier said than done but it is very possible to quit forever if you understand your addiction and take steps to address this basic problem with iron will, determination to succeed, you can do it!

Quitting Marijuana Facts

Quitting marijuana, what ever your personal reasons is a smart decission, here are some cannabis facts you probably should know if you intend quitting weed or not.
For some (not all) people, smoking marijuana makes them feel good. Within a few seconds or minutes of inhaling, a user begins to feel “high,” or filled with pleasant emotion or feeling. THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana. send a signal to the brain which forces it to release the chemical dopamine. Dopamine can make you feel really good for a short time. But the problem is that that’s just one effect of smoking pot.

Picture this scenario which happened to me: You’re in the last half of an epic  baseball game, playing out in left field. A easy catch fly ball comes toward you, and you’re pumped. Thought are flashing through your head and you know that if the ball lands in your glove your team are going to win, and you’ll be the hero of the game. But as the ball comes toward your hand you are a bit off with your hand co-ordination. The ball grazes your glove and hits ground. Your daydream of glory is gone in an instant.

This kind of slight co-ordination can be caused by using marijuana. That is just one of  many negative side effects of weed. Marijuana can cause short and long term memory loss, impair judgment, and change your perception and view. I almost crashed my car because of this. If you are in college or university and you are using marijuana, the short term memory loss can cause your mind to go blank even on a question you have just learned the answer to and your grades WILL suffer.

Another point worth mentioning here as many young people like to smoke weed at parties and such, because of its ability to change your perception on things and cloud your judgement it could easily cause you to behave in an unsafe manner such as risky sexual behaviour which could result in un planned pregnancy or the contraction of sexually transmitted disease.

You never know exactly how you are going to react to marijuana even if you smoke it regularly, and here’s why… not only does each person respond differently to marijuana, but there are so many kinds and strains of various types of cannabis that you will get a different effect from each and then there is the difference between Sativa and Indica. Sativa and Indica are just two types of marijuana plants, one usually gives more of a drowsy feeling while the other is more of a buzz high. When these two plants or any other varieties are mixed together they form what is called a hybrid plant and you never know how strong or what kind of feeling and effect it is going to bring on.

THC in Marijuana Effects the brain

THC binds to the cannabinoid receptors in brain and depending on which receptors the THC binds to will affect the functions controlled by that part of your brain.

When THC binds with the hippocampus (one important part of the brain which controls things like learning ability and memory) short term memory loss happens, and if you are still in your teens your brain is still developing so you could be seriously harming your future health, wealth and happiness.

Then there is the Cerebellum part of the brain which deals with balance and also controls your co-ordination. When the THC binds to that part of the brain… well that is when you are going to miss judge moving objects, speed and also mess u your hand to eye co-ordination as well as other movements.

Use of Marijuana causes an increase in heart rate. The normal heart rate can easily increase by 25% and in some people the heart rate could even double! Think about that for a moment. Your heart rate goes up, blood vessels expand, and after inhalation on marijuana smoke the bronchial pipes become enlarged. This is not good.

The long list of negative effects that can arise from using marijuana goes on and on.

What are the Long term effects of Marijuana abuse?

There is not enough research to fully understand or be able to know exactly all the long rem effects of smoking marijuana in large quantities or for a prolonged period of time. But the studies that have been done, even on smaller amounts of marijuana use shows connections wit mental health issues, self esteem and confidence issues and even psychosis. Depression and anxiety can also be brought on by use of cannabis. In some cases it may be helpful and there are of course medical uses for marijuana, what we are talking abut here is the overuse and abuse of the drug.

Breathing and lung problems

The toxins and irritants found in marijuana smoke are some of the same found in tobacco. Bronchitis and chest problems are waiting to happen if you smoke cannabis heavily. It is also made worse because users will try to exhale deeper and hold the smoke in for as long as possible. We don’t know the risks of lung cancer from smoking marijuana and whatever way you look at it one thing is obvious.. inhaling smoke from whatever source can not be good for your body.

Marijuana Addiction

There is much debate on the internet as to whether or not marijuana is addictive, or if it is mentally addictive or physically addictive. The truth is IT IS ADDICTIVE both mentally and can be physically. Smoking cannabis and taking in high levels of THC, is like anything, as you use it ore regularly your body needs more of it to have the same effect and and pretty soon you find yourself smoking huge amounts everyday just to feel normal (not everybody). Then when you try to quit, your brain is craving the THC and that dopamine release. Addiction can be defined as something people continue to do regularly even when they know it is having a detrimental effect on their health, their life and their family. Withdrawal symptoms include irritability, insomnia, and sometimes dramatic weight loss (which usually subsides after you quit smoking marijuana).

Another problem (and this is something that weed smokers like to deny also) is the problem that marijuana can lead to the use of harder drugs and narcotics. Now smoking weed may not be a direct path to harder drugs and many cannabis smokers never touch other drugs, however the fact remains that in most countries and territories marijuana is illegal, and that means that to obtain it, users must go to underground drug dealers who usually sell other drugs. In any case is it worth risking breaking the law , having a criminal record and destroying your future for?
Medical Use Of Marijuana
Under U.S. law in 1970, marijuana was Scheduled as a controlled substance. This means that the drug has no approved medical use. However, there are medications containing synthetic THC, and in more recent times there are are more studies and uses of medical marijuana. At the time of researching this  24 states and DC have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. Scientists continue to look for ways to make use of the marijuana plant without damaging health.